Friday, June 3, 2011

Christie Street Underpass

I selected this location because I was visiting a friend in the neighbourhood last week. We are going on vacation in two weeks and we had a clothes trying on session (shut up, I’m a girl, that is what we do). After searching the archives I found these two images and I liked how they are of the same spot a few years apart. One image when the train tracks were at street level in 1912 and one during the construction of the underpass in 1915 (or as they call it subway). This area has a lot of factories and I can imagine the construction of an underpass would have been of a great convenience to everyone. Christie Street was named after William Mellis Christie (aka Mr. “Christie, you make good cookies”). There used to be a Ford manufacturing plant, a planters peanuts factory, a TTC repair “barn” and a veteran hospital at this intersection back in the early 1900’s. Recently it is known as having the Loblaws which had the rodent infestation a few years back. There are quite a few of these underpasses in the city and what I really like are the murals that are on the walls. I really hope that no more murals are painted over in Mayor Ford’s bid to eliminate graffiti.

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